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  • I have read and Agree with the AGREEMENT and POLICY of this portal (Digital Public Seva).
  • I have understood the processing of this portal.
  • I have Indian Citizenship with no criminal background.
  • I have a computer / laptop, printer, internet connectivity (wifi/broadband), etc.
  • I want to use it for the common services of Indian people.
  • I am interested in common services like Government services (pan, passport, voter id, aadhar card, driving license, FSSAI, etc.
  • State govt services (certificates of income, domicile, caste, Ration Card, Applications for pension, Online complaints etc) Banking services (money transfer, withdrawl, CSP) Income tax return, GST, Udyog etc.
  • Insurance, travel, hotel services.
  • Please issue me the Digital CSP user ID and password for the portal. I shall never misuse the user id and password.
  • If any irregularty occurs, The Director / Admin has empowered to suspend my user id without any prior notice.