Click Digital Radio and listen any radio of the world in free. Do not pay for print seva through any link, make only token for Print Seva wallet recharge. Get Token in Business Seva for any Support. Click on START HERE for new user. Yes Bank on ePAY gives more commission, apply for distributorship is very easy. Register yourself to start New CSP. बैंक ऑफ बड़ोदा और देना बैंक किओस्क प्रारम्भ करने हेतु पंजीकरण करें। घर पर बैठकर, 20 - 30000 रुपये तक कमाएं। यस बैंक सीएसपी चलाएं। मनी ट्रान्सफर व धन निकासी किसी भी बैंक से करे। बिजली बिल व अन्य बिल पेमेंट करें। ई मुद्रा पार्टनर बने। डिजिटल सिग्नेचर बनाएँ। पेपर लेस ऑफिस चलाये । वाहन बीमा करे। स्वास्थ्य बीमा करें। आधार -पैन-वोटर कार्ड प्रिंट करें। बल्क एसएमएस भेजकर पैसा कमाएं। Free Technical support.


We are working as a TEAM WORK. Our users are running DIGITAL CSP to provide common services for pan India. We have some special features for our users to run customer service points (CSP) easily. This portal is very helping for rural area users in the case of lack of experience (technical or Legal) and also lack of infrastucture. A person having little technical knowledge and a set of computer / laptop with scanner printer can easily start CSP work with good earning. You may become our team member with getting user id for DIGITAL CSP. You will get end to end support for each service. You can run your CSP effectively for all common services with the date of starting.

Go to PAY OPTIONS to get processing charges detail for each user ID.
Please click TYPE OF USERS. to get information in details.
We suggest you to choose an offer available with Digital CSP Plan-3500.
Please click DIGITAL CSP Plan-3500 to get information in details.